Ground collision with an ATR42-600 in Jakarta

Date & Time: Apr 4, 2016 at 1957 LT
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The ATR42-600 registered PK-TNJ was towed by technicians from the north apron to the south parking. At 1951LT, a Batik Air Boeing 737-8GP registered PK-LBS was cleared to backtrack runway 24 and doing a 180 turn at its threshold. At 1956LT, the crew of the B737 received the authorization to takeoff from runway 24, increased engine power and started the takeoff procedure. During the takeoff roll, at a speed of 110 knots, the captain saw the ATR42 crossing the runway in front of him, from the right to the left. He immediately started an emergency braking procedure but was unable to avoid the collision. The left wing of the B737 hit the tail and the left wing of the ATR42 that were partially sheared off. Both aircraft caught fire and the Boeing came to a halt after a distance of 1,660 meters from the runway threshold. All 56 occupants of the Boeing were quickly disembarked and the fire was extinguished. While the Boeing seems to be repairable, the ATR42 looks as damaged beyond repair. According to a statement from Batik Air, its crew received the clearance from ATC for takeoff.
Probable cause:
The collision was the result of a poor coordination by ATC staff at Jakarta Airport. The following factors were reported:
- Handling of two movements in the same area with different controllers on separate frequencies without proper coordination resulted in the lack of awareness to the controllers, pilots and towing car driver,
- The communication misunderstanding of the instruction to follow ID 7703 most likely contributed the towed aircraft enter the runway,
- The lighting environments in the tower cab and turning pad area of runway 24 might have diminished the capability to the controllers and pilots to recognize the towed aircraft that was installed with insufficient lightings.