Date & Time: Feb 27, 2011 at 2007 LT
Type of aircraft:
Grumman G-21A Goose
Flight Phase:
Takeoff (climb)
Al Ain - Riyadh
Crew on board:
Crew fatalities:
Pax on board:
Pax fatalities:
Other fatalities:
Total fatalities:
Aircraft flight hours:
On February 27th, 2011, at approximately At 12:12:20 the crew of McKinnon G-21, registration N221AG Aircraft called Al Ain International Airport tower landline advising evening departure outbound to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. After conversation, the aerodrome controller (“ADC”) asked the Aircraft about the estimated time of departure, the crew answered that it would be at 1400, the ADC confirmed that the estimated time of departure (“ETD”) will be changed to 1400 (UTC), subsequently the ADC asked if the Aircraft is going to do a test flight before the departure to the destination, the crew answered that they haven’t flown the Aircraft for a while and they wanted to stay in the pattern before takeoff to the cleared route. Accordingly the ADC offered the crew to fly in the circuit until it becomes ready to depart, the crew accepted the advised pattern and informed the ADC that they won’t shutdown the engine nor they want to land thus, according to the crew advice to the ADC, the Aircraft would stay in the circuit and go straight from there to the cleared route. At 13:53:15, the ADC called one of the crew on the landline who on his turn advised that they need one more hour waiting for fuel. At 15:46:48, the Aircraft called the ground movement controller (“GMC”) asking for IFR clearance to Riyadh, the GMC replied the Aircraft that they would not do a local circuit and would be going ahead and pick up IFR flight plan. The Aircraft asked to do one circuit in the pattern, if available, approach then accept the tower clearance to Riyadh. The GMC advised the Aircraft to expect a left closed traffic not above two thousand feet and to standby for a clearance; the Aircraft read back the instructions correctly. At 15:50:46, the Aircraft reported engine starting then requested taxi clearance, the GMC cleared the Aircraft to the holding point of Runway (“RWY”) 19 and advised QNH 1014, the GMC advised also that the Aircraft should expect a left hand closed traffic not above 2000 feet VFR, the GMC also advised the Aircraft to request for your IFR clearance with tower once airborne, the Aircraft read back the instructions correctly. At 15:53:41, the GMC read the squawk to the Aircraft which was confirmed by the Pilot correctly. Thereafter, the Aircraft was instructed to taxi to RWY 19 holding point, and, after completion of the closed circuit, cleared to destination via ROVOS flight planned route on departure runway one nine be a right turn maintain six thousand feet, the Aircraft read back the instruction correctly. At 16:02:38, the Aircraft called the ADC advising ready for departure RWY 19 closed circuit, the ADC instructed to hold position and to confirm one circuit, the Aircraft affirmed one circuit a low approach and then IFR to Riyadh. At 16:03:53, the ADC instructed the Aircraft to line up and wait RWY 19. At 16:05:37, the ADC cleared the Aircraft for takeoff and read the surface wind as 180 degrees 7 knots and to report downwind, the Aircraft read back the instructions correctly. The Aircraft started the takeoff acceleration normally, with four persons onboard, until shortly after liftoff, and during initial climb, the Aircraft veered to left towards the ground of taxiway “F”, between Taxiway Kilo and Lima where it impacted at approximately 1607 with down nose and left roll attitude. The Aircraft went for a distance of approximately 32 meters until came to a complete stop. The Aircraft was destroyed by the impact and subsequent fire. All occupants were fatally injured.
Probable cause:
Still under investigation.
Final Report:
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