Date & Time: Dec 22, 1956 at 2103 LT
Type of aircraft:
Convair CV-340
Belgrade – Vienna – Munich – Frankfurt – London
Crew on board:
Crew fatalities:
Pax on board:
Pax fatalities:
Other fatalities:
Total fatalities:
The aircraft was on a scheduled flight from Belgrade to Munich-Riem Airport with an intermediate refueling stop at Vienna. It departed from Vienna for Munich at 1837LT with 30 people aboard. At 2033, after passing Munich NDB at 12 000 feet, the flight reported to Munich Area Control Centre and shortly thereafter was instructed to descend to 10 000 feet. The pilot was asked whether he wished an ILS approach monitored by GCA but he decided on a GCA approach. At approximately 2048, after overflying non- directional beacon DHR (35 km east of Riem Airport), a further descent to 7 000 feet was carried out. A subsequent instruction to descend to 4 000 feet was also complied with and the pilot was asked to notify GCA when passing 6 000 feet. At 2053 the flight was cleared for a direct instrument approach to runway 25. At 2056 it reported passing 6 300 feet and at 2058 as having reached 3 500 feet. It was then cleared to descend to 3 000 this altitude was to be maintained. The flight was then 7 miles east of the airport. At 2059 the pilot reported leaving 3 000 feet and was requested to carry out the necessary cockpit checks for landing. GCA ordered a course of 240 degrees and advised the pilot that he was 4.5 miles from touchdown. He was requested to maintain 3 000 feet and was ordered to pull up to this altitude as he was below the minimum height of his glide path. No answer was received. The aircraft struck the ground at approximately 2103 hours, killing 2 crew members and 1 passenger and injuring 12 others.
Probable cause:
Considering the copilot's statement, the suddenly increased speed of descent could have been caused by the fact that the aircraft was pulled up to too great an extent which resulted in a subsequent dive. Even after a most thorough investigation of all reports, testimony and evidence, the Commission of Inquiry was not in a position to reach a final conclusion as to what caused the accident. The Commission is of the opinion that a further clarification would be possible if the surviving copilot, who is suffering from retrograde amnesia, could be questioned once more on certain points of his written declaration, in particular in regard to the question whether and how far piloting led to a fast let- down of the aircraft from which it could not be brought up again in time.
Final Report:
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