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Crash of an Antonov AN-10A in Lviv: 32 killed

Accident description

  • Feb 26, 1960 at 1657 LT
  • CCCP-11180
  • Landing (descent or approach)
  • Scheduled Revenue Flight
  • Yes
  • Airport (less than 10 km from airport)
  • Moscow – Kiev – Lviv
  • 9 4 018 01
  • 30NOV1959
  • SU315
  • Lviv, Lviv Oblast
  • Ukraine
  • Europe
  • 8
  • 8
  • 25
  • 24
  • 0
  • 32
  • 109
  • On final approach to Lviv-Snilow Airport in icing conditions, at an altitude of 100 meters, the crew deployed the flaps at 45° when the aircraft stalled and crashed in a swampy area located short of runway threshold. A passenger was seriously injured while 32 other occupants were killed. Excessive ice accumulation on stabs caused the airplane to be unstable and to stall.
  • Investigations were able to determine that the cause of the accident was an excessive deployment of flaps during an approach completed in icing conditions. The combination of icing conditions (excessive ice accumulation on stabs) and excessive flaps deployment caused the aircraft to stall. Following this accident, Antonov will provide an update of the flight manuals with a modification of the approach procedures, limiting the flaps deployment to an angle of 15° in icing conditions. Investigations conducted about this accident will be able to determine the cause of a similar accident that occurred at Lviv Airport on 16NOV1959, causing the crash of the same type of aircraft in identical conditions.