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Crash of a Handley Page H.P.67 Hastings C.1 off Gan AFB

Accident description

  • Mar 1, 1960
  • TG579
  • Landing (descent or approach)
  • Military
  • Yes
  • Lake, Sea, Ocean
  • Colombo - Gan AFB
  • 70
  • 1949
  • Gan AFB (Addu Atoll), South Province
  • Maldivian Islands
  • Asia
  • 6
  • 0
  • 14
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • Weather conditions at Gan AFB were poor with thunderstorm activity, heavy rain falls and low visibility. The captain decided to abandon the approach and made a go around before following a holding circuit for about 20 minutes, waiting for weather improvement. During a second approach, the crew failed to realize his altitude was insufficient (420 feet below the glide) when the airplane struck the water surface about three km short of runway threshold. All 20 occupants were evacuated while the aircraft was lost.
  • Wrong approach configuration on part of the crew who descended below the glide in marginal weather conditions without visual contact with runway. Crew fatigue and impairment of vision by rain were considered as contributing factors.