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Crash of a Boeing KC-135A-BN Stratotanker at Carswell AFB

Accident description

  • Mar 8, 1960 at 2323 LT
  • 57-1466
  • Landing (descent or approach)
  • Military
  • Yes
  • Airport (less than 10 km from airport)
  • Carswell - Carswell
  • 17537
  • 1958
  • Carswell AFB (Fort Worth), Texas
  • USA
  • North America
  • 7
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • The crew was returning to his base at Carswell following a refueling mission. The approach was completed in low visibility due to the night and foggy conditions. On final, the airplane was too low and struck the ground one mile short of runway. It bounced, struck successively power cables and the roof of a building before crashing short of runway threshold. All seven crew members were injured and the aircraft was destroyed.
  • For unknown reason, the crew continued the approach at an insufficient altitude.