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Crash of an Ilyushin II-12 near Aksha: 27 killed

Accident description

  • Oct 1, 1957 at 1855 LT
  • CCCP-L1389
  • Flight
  • Scheduled Revenue Flight
  • Yes
  • Mountains
  • Moscow – Irkutsk – Chita – Khabarovsk
  • 30 123
  • 21OCT1947
  • SU011
  • Aksha, Zabaykalsky Krai
  • Russia
  • Asia
  • 5
  • 5
  • 23
  • 22
  • 0
  • 27
  • 9996
  • While cruising by night on the leg from Irkutsk to Chita, the crew lost his orientation and requested ATC assistance, without success. The airplane deviated from the prescribed flight path to the south and due to fuel exhaustion, the crew was forced to make an emergency landing. Following three unsuccessful attempts, the captain elected a fourth landing attempt when, at an altitude of 900 meters, the airplane clip trees, continued for about 340 meters and eventually crashed in a dense wooded area. A passenger was seriously injured and later evacuated while all 27 other occupants were killed. The aircraft was totally destroyed.
  • It was determined that the crew failed to adhere to published procedures and did not follow the route mentioned on the flight plan because he failed to use the automatic direction finder properly. Following several mistakes and a lack of awareness, the crew failed to take the appropriate actions to establish his position. It was also considered that the ATC assistance was insufficient and inefficient.