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Crash of a Boeing B-29-30-MO Superfortress near Pyongyang: 9 killed

Accident description

  • Jan 29, 1953
  • 42-65357
  • Flight
  • Bombing
  • Yes
  • Plain
  • Pohang - Pohang
  • Pyongyang, Pyongyang (평양)
  • North Korea
  • Asia
  • 14
  • 9
  • 0
  • 0
  • 9
  • While on a night bombing mission, the aircraft was shot down by the pilot of a Soviet AF MiG-15 fighter and crashed about 20 km south of Pyongyang. Five crew members were rescued and became POW while nine others were killed.
    A2c Gerald D. Abrahamson,
    1st Lt Gilbert L. Ashley Jr., †
    1st Lt Dewey R. Henry, †
    A2c Hidemaro S. Ishida,
    Sgt Lee H. Miller,
    A2c James J. O'Meara Jr., †
    1st Lt Arthur R. Olsen, †
    A2c James D. Pope, †
    A2c Edward A. Schwab, †
    2nd Lt John P. Shaddick III, †
    A3c Frank J. Stevenson,
    2nd Lt Dewey Stopa, †
    1st Lt Harold P. Turner, †
    A2c Robert L. Weinbrandt.
  • Shot down by the pilot of a Soviet AF MiG-15 fighter.